Noun Project x Inkbox: Iconic Tattoos for Valentine’s Day

Create custom temporary tattoos to celebrate the things you love with millions of Noun Project icons.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re not sure you can get away with the store-bought chocolates-and-flowers formula for another year in a row. After all, who (and what) you love is unique and deserves to be celebrated creatively.

This year, put the teddy bear down and ink yourself up with custom temporary tattoos from our friends at Inkbox — which you can create using Noun Project’s extensive icon library.

Inkbox has elevated the temporary tattoo game with fresh designs, signature collections, and a unique skin-safe formula that lasts for up to 2 weeks. Best of all, the Inkbox Custom platform lets you design your own unique tattoo using Noun Project icons. Powered by Noun Project’s Icon API, you can search through a seemingly endless collection of over 3 million icons to find just the right one to celebrate what you love the most.

Break the mold with your own distinctive tattoo, or give a trial run to that dream design you’ve always wanted but haven’t yet made the leap of faith to get.

Search Noun Project for any type of Valentine’s Day icon — from wild to mild. (Icons by Luis Prado and Tezar Tantular)

Create Your Custom Tattoo

There are as many ways to enjoy Inkbox as there are fish in the sea (and icons in the Noun Project database).

From the Custom page on Inkbox, click “Create Now” and select your dimensions. There are 5 sizes for you to choose from, and keep in mind that the more detail/icons you add, the larger the canvas should be (check out the sample images for a sense of how big they are). From the canvas screen, click “Designs” on the left-hand column and you’ll pull up a selection of icons (or designs) powered by Noun Project’s Icon API. Enter your keywords into the search bar, and click icons to add them straight to the canvas! You can resize, rearrange, and add more icons to your heart’s content. Save your beautiful designs under “File” and add them to your cart when ready.

On the Inkbox Custom platform, you can search for any Noun Project icon under “Designs” and add it to your canvas. Add as many icons as you want — but simpler is better, especially for smaller tattoos. (Pictured: Love icon by Ji Sub Jeong)

Need Some Inspiration?

Icons for Whatever You Love: Who holds that special place in your heart — A family pet? An 80’s rock star? A good bagel? Pay homage to the things that spark joy in your life with a creative tattoo you love. Browse Noun Project icon collections so you know exactly what to search for by name.

Coffee meets bagel; arugula meets forearm. Icons by Denis Sazhin and Parjiksun.

Mix and Match: Add as many different icons to the canvas as you want to make your own unique composition (just remember, the more icons you add, the larger your canvas size should be to better accommodate the detail).

Mix-and-match icon combinations for man’s best friend.

Matching Tattoos for Cute Couples and Dynamic Duos: Double up your order to share a favorite memory with a partner or an inside joke between friends — even if distance keeps you apart.

Tattoos that say “I love you to Jupiter and back” (icon by Yerzhan Aiteyev)

Inkbox also gives you savings when you order more than one:

  • Buy any 2 tattoos get 15% off
  • Buy any 3 tattoos get 20% off
  • Buy any 4 tattoos get 25% off
  • Buy any 5 tattoos get 30% off

Last but Not Least: Show Us Your Creations!

We want to see what you create! Tag #Inkbox #NounProjectValentine on Instagram or Twitter to spread the love.

Looking for more ways to get crafty with icons? Explore our Noun Project Tutorials or learn more about the possibilities you can unleash with our Icon API.