Call for Photos: Pride

Photos have the power to shape, reinforce, and change our perceptions. Join our global community of professional photographers and help us build a more inclusive world.

Photo by Javier Sanchez Mignorance

Noun Project regularly puts out Calls for Photos to help build representation in stock images.
Positive representations help us form connections, enhance self-esteem, and send powerful messages about one’s value in society. Inclusive imagery challenges stereotypes and promotes representation, ensuring that everyone sees themselves reflected in media. It can expand perspectives and cultivate empathy. Noun Project is working to make inclusive, art-quality images available for everyone — a curated, mission-driven collection of images from photographers around the world.

In the Pride Call for Photos, Noun Project is looking for images that portray people in the LGBTQIA+ community at work, in relationships, engaging in hobbies, spending time with family and friends, and more. We are looking for images of people as they are — not as others believe they should be — feeling confident and living vibrant, everyday lives.

Photo by Suzanne Strong

In your Pride photo submission, we’d love to see images that celebrate diversity and intersectionality. We encourage you to submit images that feature a variety of different body types and skin tones, hairstyles, cultural backgrounds, ages, abilities, gender identities, sexualities, and lived experiences. We look for images of everyday people, places, and events from around the world that are recognizable and believable.

Photo (L) by Suzanne Strong // Photo (R) by Suzanne Strong

Photo from Centre for Ageing Better

Scenarios for this call for photos include:

  • Transgender people at the office as leaders and as team members
  • Couples going out to dinner, cooking at home, or having drinks with friends
  • Teaching classes or volunteering with community-based organizations
  • Older LGBTQIA+ people as business owners, in the office or in the medical field
  • Partners spending time with their families at home or at a park
  • Friends and partners eating at restaurants, attending cultural events or gallery openings
  • Binary people exercising such as going on hikes, taking group classes and doing yoga
  • LGBTQIA+ identifying people engaged in the arts, playing music and dancing

…and any other images that show real people living their everyday lives.

Photo (L) by Suzanne Strong // Photo (R) by Suzanne Strong

Photo by Rafa Fernandez

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Suzanne Strong
Suzanne Strong

Creative Director for Photos at Noun Project and Photographer

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