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Use these free photography templates to plan a successful shoot
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A successful photo shoot involves careful planning, thoughtful preparation, and organization, which is why we created a set of free photography templates to help you prepare. You want to make sure you have a well-structured plan for a photo shoot to ensure that all participants are on the same page with clear expectations, roles, and objectives and that the desired outcome of the shoot is achieved: fabulous photos!

Our set of free photography templates includes a pitch deck, shot list, budget, and call sheet.  These documents will help you create a cohesive, outstanding shoot.

Instructions for Templates: 

  • Open a template
  • go to File> Make a Copy 
  • Rename the new copy of the document or presentation.
  • Tailor the copy to fit your own photo shoot.
  • Replace all images in the deck with your own inspiration photos.
  • Download or purchase your favorite photos from Noun Project and simply drag them from your system files into Google Slides. Make sure to include proper attributions on any free, comp-sized photo downloads.

Free Photography Templates:

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is the visual voice of the project’s vision. The primary part of a pitch deck is a mood board which is used to communicate the concept and aesthetic of the photoshoot to the photographer’s team and to a client. The pitch deck is important as it provides a shared understanding of the shoot’s objectives and desired outcomes and provides a reference that keeps everyone aligned. The pitch deck can also include a summary of the production details, such as the location of the shoot and the total budget. 

Download the Pitch Deck free photography template here.

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Shot List

The shot list is a detailed inventory of every shot envisioned by the photographer and serves as a reference for all members of the creative team to keep everyone on the same page during the shoot. It is a vital tool for successful photo shoots as it helps to ensure that all necessary images are produced and that time is used efficiently. A shot list details the sequence of shots, desired compositions, lighting setups and gear needed for each photo.  It also helps to avoid missing any important shots, especially if there are time constraints or other limitations. 

Download the Shot List free photography template here.


A well-prepared budget is an essential piece of a photo shoot as it outlines and manages the financial resources of the shoot. A budget shows the cost of every element—models, supporting crew, location fees, equipment rental, props, post-production services, and more. A budget ensures that the project remains financially feasible, allowing for the allocation of funds to the most critical aspects of the shoot, and preventing the unwelcome surprise of cost overruns.

Download the Budget free photography template here.

Call Sheet

The call sheet is the tactical game plan for the day of the shoot. It details the when, where, and who of the production, providing the entire team with a schedule, contact information, and other logistical details. A call sheet keeps the production on track, facilitating timely coordination and communication amongst the crew, talent, and client.

Download the Call Sheet free photography template here.

Preparing for your photo shoots utilizing these free production templates– a pitch deck, shot list, budget, and call sheet— will help support a successful outcome of your photo shoot, resulting in fantastic photos.

A more comprehensive guide on planning the perfect photo shoot, from concept to completion, can be found here.

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