Call for Photos: Body Positive

Photos have the power to shape, reinforce, and change our perceptions. Join our global community of professional photographers and help us build a more inclusive world.

Photo by Jacob Lund Photography

Noun Project regularly puts out Calls for Photos to build representation in stock images.
Positive representations help us form connections, enhance self-esteem, and send powerful messages about one’s value in society. Noun Project is working to make inclusive, art-quality images available for everyone with Noun Project Photos — a curated, mission-driven collection of images from photographers around the world.

In the Body Positive Call for Photos, Noun Project is curating images that showcase real people with various body shapes and sizes, a variety of physical attributes and people who have been traditionally marginalized with their bodies. We are looking for images of people as they are — not as others believe they should be — feeling confident and living vibrant, everyday lives.

Photo from Centre for Ageing Better

Within this call for photos, Body Positive, we would love to see images that celebrate diversity and intersectionality including:

  • People in the LGBTQ community
  • People of various ages, ethnicities and perspectives
  • People with disabilities
  • People of color
  • Multiethnic groups

Photo (L) by Jacob Lund Photography // Photo (R) by Jacob Lund Photography

Some inspiration for the scenarios that we’re looking for in this Call for Photos:

  • At the office as leaders and team members
  • Men of a variety of body sizes in fashionable clothing
  • Leading a medical team or doing lab work
  • Couples going out to dinner, cooking at home, or having drinks with friends
  • Women with natural body hair, stretch marks, or scarring
  • Men of marginalized body sizes at a coffee shop or enjoying lunch with friends
  • Wearing fashionable and trendy clothing
  • As people who work in the public sector as police officers, politicians or as fire fighters
  • Shopping online or in-store
  • In educational settings as teachers or students
  • People with tattoos spending time with their families at the park or at the beach
  • With friends and partners attending cultural events or gallery openings
  • Exercising such as going on hikes, taking group classes and doing yoga

Photo (L) by Suzanne Strong for Noun Project // Photo (L) by Suzanne Strong for Noun Project

…and any other images that show real people living their everyday lives.

Photo (L) by Carina Koenig // Photo (R) by Marko Subotin

How to Submit

Fill out our submission form for consideration for this Call for Photos. The curation team will get back with you if your images are aligned with our standards for aesthetics, mission and content needs.

For questions regarding this brief or the submission process, please contact us at

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Suzanne Strong
Suzanne Strong

Creative Director for Photos at Noun Project and Photographer

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