Updates to the Icon Upload Process

Noun Project has grown exponentially over the last decade. Six years ago, we were excited to celebrate our 100,000th icon. Last year, we crossed the 3 million icon mark submitted by our global Creator community and paid out $2 Million in royalties to thousands of Creators around the world.

Every single icon that appears on Noun Project goes through an extensive review process by our team of curators. Due to the large volume of icon submissions we receive, we’ve made the following updates to help icons move through our curation system in a timely manner:

  • Creators who’ve had a significant amount of icons accepted to Noun Project will be able to continue submitting larger batches of icons.
  • Creators who are newer to our platform will be able to submit smaller batches of icons until we can verify a pattern of high quality icons and tags.

To make sure we can review everyone’s content quickly, all Creators will have a cap on the number of icons they can submit in a 30-day period and a cap on the total number of icons they have waiting in the queue. Although this will not affect the majority of our Creator community, these limits will enable our team to process everyone’s content faster rather than focusing long hours on single batches of thousands of icons.

Uploading Icons

The icon upload process has not changed. When you log into your Creator account, a message at the top of the upload page will let you know how many icons you have left to submit in a 30-day period. If you hit your upload maximum, the message will update to when you can submit more.

Please note: These changes are for new icons moving forward and will not affect any previously submitted icons currently awaiting curation.

These important updates will help make icon processing more efficient and predictable for everyone. We’re excited to continue building Noun Project with you and are looking forward to releasing more updates for Creators in the near future!

If you have any questions about these updates, please email us at info@thenounproject.com.