Winter Color Palette Inspiration

Get inspired for your next project with Noun Project’s favorite winter color palettes.
Conceptual photo of upside-down ice cream cones dusted with white powder against a light blue backdrop

As a photographer or a designer, when planning and preparing for your visual project a great technique to create mood and cohesiveness is to consider how specific colors will work together. Harmonious colors create a satisfying, appealing, attractive visual for the viewer.

From frosty pinks to subdued grays, Noun Project’s favorite winter color schemes are here to inspire your projects this season.

Sparkly Cheer

Step away from the traditional colors of the season and into cheery tones that inspire lighthearted merrymaking. Inspired by rosé champagne and iridescent baubles, this sparkly palette is sure to spark up any festive celebration.

Photo by Zamurovic Brothers
Hex codes: #fbe9e2 ; #f47f69 ; #e79f90 ; #cd837c ; #f3b1ae ; #f6c4b4 ; #f6c9c6 ; #939183; #c3bdae

Throwback Mood

Nostalgic-inspired visuals are making a huge comeback this winter and into 2022. Give your photos and projects a muted ‘50s color scheme with this updated throwback palette.

Photos by Zamurovic Brothers
Hex codes: #dfd2c2; #856244 ; #b28f73 ; #835f5f ; #a8a697 ; #717463; #e9dee5 ; #a98f92 ; #e5ecda

The Classics

While we think of reds and greens to be representative of the Christmas holiday, this wintry palette traces back centuries to the Celtic and Roman cultures. Green holly bushes with red berries were typically used to celebrate the winter solstice. This classic color palette has proven its staying power throughout a multitude of countries and over hundreds of years.

Photo by Zamurovic Brothers
Hex codes: #484a35; #e9eaec ; #962a2a ; #8fa090 ; #7f8567 ; #bbc5bc ; #c3998d; #b7b4a1; #6da453

Embrace Cozy

Hygge is a Danish term defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” While there is no direct translation in English, “cozy” comes in close. Hygge is associated with relaxation, indulgence, and gratitude, which encapsulates a winter mood. To infuse cozy and calm moods into your projects, try out this subdued palette of hygge colors, from umber to thundercloud grey.

Photos by Foxy’s Forest Manufacture
Hex codes: #322f2a ; #c9c8c6 ; #8b6a47 ; #674c37 ; #7f796d ; #9c8772 ; #b09a82 ; #9f9e9c ; #548b85


Dark, muted shades of blue and gray create a winter palette that reminds us to slow down and make time for introspection. Inspire calm, restoration and contemplation with this color scheme inspired by an overcast sky and wintry beach.

Photos by Steffy Gutovska
Hex codes: #303c3c ; #d2d6d9 ; #566163 ; #707e7f ; #9ba4a9 ; #8b9396 ; #606e5f ; #989e92 ; #4d7479

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Suzanne Strong
Suzanne Strong

VP of Content & Creators at Noun Project and Photographer

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