New Integration with Google Docs & Slides

Here at Noun Project we’ve been working with Google to bring over 1 million icons directly into your workflow. We’re excited to announce our new Noun Project add-on for Google Docs and Slides. You can now quickly find the icon you need, change its color and size, and insert it right into your Google Docs document or Google Slides presentation with just one click. No need to open another browser window or download any files. And with our ever-growing collection of icons ranging from Beyoncé to Venn diagrams, you’re sure to never run out of ideas for memorable visuals.

Noun Project for Google Slides

The Noun Project add-on is perfect for teachers, marketers, sales teams, and anyone needing to quickly create beautiful, insightful content. Whether you’re putting together a classroom presentation or preparing for a board meeting, icons are a great way to visually illustrate any idea.

The Google Slides and Docs add-on joins Noun Project’s suite of “in-your-workflow” products created specifically for users on Macs, Microsoft Office, and creatives using Adobe. The add-on is free to use (no account required) with access to 100 of our most frequently used icons. Forty bucks per year unlocks the entire collection of over 1 million icons, as well as full access to all Pro features. A special discount is available for the Education Community. And just like with all our products, proceeds are shared directly with our creative community.

The Noun Project add-on for Google Slides and Docs is available through the Chrome Web Store. You can also access it right from Google Docs or Slides by going to Add-ons in your navigation bar, and then selecting Get Add-ons.

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