Introducing The Verb Project 🎉

Bringing action and excitement back to the Internet.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen Nouns abound. As we’ve grown, incredible content submitted from Creators around the world has covered everything from Artificial Intelligence to UI Elements, Plants, Hearts, and Beyoncé. There truly is an icon for almost every person, place, or thing available on our platform.

But, something has been missing.

Our love for Nouns has been a story for the ages, but we’ve felt the absence of a very important piece of the grammatical pie. This year, as we enter a new era on the World Wide Web, after careful consideration we’ve decided to move away from the static “Noun” toward the more dynamic and progressive “Verb.” The new and improved Verb Project will surprise and delight with action, movement, adventure, and maybe even a little mayhem. From dancing to doing donuts, dreaming, and dripping ice cream cones, any verb you can imagine will be at your fingertips.

Here’s just a sampling of the incredible new Verb Project content you can look forward to:


Cut loose and kick off your Sunday shoes with photos that exude pure dance floor confidence. Or, try selecting a random sequence of dance icons to form a visual choreography map.

The Armpit Whisper has, to our knowledge, never gone out of style. || We do not know what kind of dance this is.

Your next viral TikTok dance can be mathematically plotted entirely within The Verb Project.


Screaming was, by and large, the most popular activity of the past year, with over 88% of working adults and 99.9% of petulant toddlers engaging in the act daily. Use strategic visuals to speak to your target audience in a language they understand: constant, unrestrained wailing.

​​Just let it all out. We’re here for you.

Bathroom Browsing

Life reflects art, and art reflects life — and the pictograms we use for everyday human activities are no exception. As the majority of civilization’s most routine tasks — from sourcing food, to disseminating news, to locating a suitable mate — can now be performed digitally from a fully seated position, “Bathroom Browsing” serves as the convenient catch-all icon for modern multitaskers.

If this is how you’re currently reading this, we don’t need to elaborate.

Changing Diapers

Relive the joys of your offline life, online. New icon collections celebrate the world’s most thankless job and send a clear message to the world: “Parent” is, in fact, also a Verb.

It takes two to tango.


There’s always something to think about: Am I saving enough for retirement? Are the murder hornets still out there somewhere? Where did barn owls live before we invented barns? Chew on life’s bigger questions with a selection of photos that open the door to deeper learning and shine a light on our most persistent mysteries.

“Should I have invested that much in GameStop?” and other modern-day brainteasers, all summarized in one photo.


It’s been a while since the gyms have been open — we could use a reminder to take it slow on the treadmill.

Maybe start with a light Jazzercise and work your way up.

Being Pursued by a Reindeer

This isn’t Santa’s workshop: migratory caribou can be extremely territorial, and most people don’t recognize the warning signs of aggression until it’s too late.

Don’t double-cross Dasher.

More Great Verbs Include:

Dodging a Falling Piano


Calling Animal Control

Chasing a Tow Truck



Avoiding Picking Up Dog Poop

Please Note: While we’ve received many requests for Adverb and Adjective content and hope to add these to our platform in the future, Adverbs and Adjectives are not on our current roadmap.

This announcement has been brought to you by April Fools’ Day. While we do love Verbs, we will always be Noun Project ❤️

Lindsay Stuart

Lindsay Stuart

VP, Brand Marketing & Communications at Noun Project

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