What’s New in API v2 and How to Migrate

Check out all the new features of Noun Project's upgraded Icon API v2 and migrate to the latest version.

Our Icon API empowers app developers of all kinds to bring the world’s most diverse and extensive icon collection directly inside their platforms. Our latest API v2 release unlocks even greater capabilities, including better search results, more control over search terms, icon customization, and more.

If you’re an existing API customer, here’s why it’s worth making the switch to v2 – plus a technical guide to help you migrate to the latest version quickly and easily.

Please note that all future API updates will only apply to our API v2. Migrate to this version to enjoy the latest upgrades and improvements including the features below:

What’s New in Icon API v2

  • Refined Icon Search
    Improved keyword search functionality now brings you the most relevant results for any term, mirroring what users would find on our website – and lists the total number of results for any search. A new Auto Suggest functionality also helps suggest search terms based on initial search text as users begin to type, getting users to relevant results faster.
  • Icon & Search Term Blocking
    Enjoy greater control over search results with the ability to block any keywords you don’t want to surface, and even fine tune results further by blocking specific icons by id if necessary.
  • Icon Customization
    Now you can easily recolor and resize icons! Recolor by hex value and adjust the size of PNGs by pixel size.

Ready to make the switch? Dive into our v2 Migration Guide!

Further Reading

To see examples in various languages and to learn more about the new features of API v2, including the ability to change the color and size of icons, suggesting search terms based on your input, and a new feature to allow you to block search terms or specific icons from your icon search results, please read our v2 documentation. If you are interested in trying out any of these new endpoints, please visit our v2 API explorer to do so directly from your browser.

Please reach out to us at info@thenounproject.com if you have questions.

Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott

Marketing Communications Manager at Noun Project, Designer and Illustrator.

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