Help get out the vote with these two free resources from Noun Project and

At Noun Project, we have always strived to use our platform as a force for good. Right now, nothing is more important than increasing voter registration and turnout for the November 3rd election, which is why we’ve developed two free resources anyone can use to help spread the word.

One of the most impactful actions you can take to get out the vote this November is to share why you’re voting with your friends and family. Every issue you care about is on the ballot, and every vote counts.

Create Personalized Social Cards and Share Why You’re Voting

Noun Project partnered with to create a Get Out the Vote site that enables anyone to create visually engaging, personal messages about why they’re voting and share them on social media.

To create yours, go to Get Out the Vote, select two issues that are important to you, choose your corresponding icons, and share your card on social media. You can also check your voter registration status and register to vote at

Visit to create and share your own customized card

Share Your State’s Voter Registration Deadlines

We’ve also created a kit full of free, shareable images to raise public awareness of upcoming voter registration deadlines for each state. Every vote counts, and sharing voter registration deadlines is one way you can help encourage others to take action before it’s too late.

In this kit, you can navigate to your state and download a shareable card. Each state’s card features an iconic shot from renowned photographer Carol Highsmith, who has dedicated her career to capturing scenes from all 50 states across America and donating them royalty-free to the Library of Congress.

Access the Voter Registration Deadlines kit here.

Share your state’s voter registration deadlines with our free set of images for social media