Visual Communication Resources: Coronavirus

Icons to help communicate important hygiene, health and wellness information.

During an emergency, quick and efficient communication is critical. Icons can be used to communicate important hygiene, health and wellness information on signage and posters, newsletters, teaching materials and more.

Tips for using icons in your messaging:

  • Be Specific
    Choose icons that clearly represent the concepts you’re trying to convey. The icon you choose should enhance your message and help people easily identify the subject of the material you’re sharing.
  • Less is More
    Keep your message concise and easy to read. Avoid jargon and keep text to a minimum.
  • Fonts
    Bold, sans-serif fonts are easy to read at a glance. Use a maximum of two fonts for your design, one for headings and one for supplemental copy. For inspiration, take a look at these lists of popular fonts from Creative Boom and Awwwards.
  • Color Combinations for Readability
    It’s important that your message is easy to read. Choose color combinations that pair bold text with complementary backgrounds. To choose colors you can use a free color palette tool like Khroma or

Simple poster design to encourage frequent hand washing. Press Ctrl and click the image to save a copy.

For additional information on visual communication and health, view these Visual Communication Tips and Resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the CDC’s guidelines for prevention of Coronavirus.

Hygiene and Health Care Icons

Washing Hands icon by Luis Prado; Hygiene icon by Adrien Coquet; Wash Hands icon by Carlos Dias
Coronavirus icons from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
Hygiene icon collection by Path Lord
Health Care icon collection by Sergey Demushkin
Health Care icon collection by Made

Coronavirus Icons

Coronavirus collection by dDara

Remote Work Icons

Remote Team, Software Engineer, Networking, Brainstorm, Designer, and Freelancer icons from the Redefining Women Collection
House icon by Ramakrishna Venkatesan; Home icon by P Thanga Vignesh; Home icon by Milinda Courey

Physical Fitness and Wellness Icons

Fitness Exercises by Alice Noir
Fitness Glyph icon collection by ProSymbols