Educational Icon Collections

Create visual lessons and augment student learning with these classroom-friendly icons.
Set of school supply line icons in a grid

Educators around the world use icons to make their lesson plans more visually engaging. And it’s not just a question of aesthetics — pairing clear, concise visuals with verbal descriptions can help students learn and retain information better, a practice known as dual coding.

You can find tons of inspiration in our free resource pack for educators, and explore millions of icons on Noun Project to find just the right one to make even abstract ideas more concrete and digestible.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few educational icon collections to help supplement your classroom materials:

Physics by Ben Davis
Distance Education by LAFS
Prepositions of Time and Place by Oleksandr Panasovskyi
Ancient Gods by Parjiksun
Landmark collection by Iconfield
Chemistry Lab by Tanner Puzio
Human Organs by Amethyst Studio

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Jeremy Elliott

Jeremy Elliott

Marketing Communications Manager at Noun Project, Designer and Illustrator.

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