Customize Your Noun Project Icons

With advanced editing features, you now have more control over customizing icons than ever before.

You can now customize the color, size, rotation, orientation, background color and background shape of over a million icons found on Noun Project. Unleash your creativity or alter an icon’s meaning to fit your exact needs.

Change the Color
Get started with one of 60 preset colors to create stunning color combinations that can enhance the meaning of what you are trying to communicate.

If you need to match your brand colors, or if you are a color whiz, use HEX, RGB, or HSL values to get exactly what you need.

Take any icon and rotate it to tell your story accurately. Here we have a dog chasing his tail, each rotation is just a little cuter than the last. Make arrows or directional icons point in whichever direction you need.

Flip Horizontally & Vertically
Flipping an icon can change it’s meaning. This downward trend icon can become an icon to symbolize profits with a simple vertical flip. Or if you are making a design where most of your vehicle icons are going left, flip the car to make it go with traffic.

Customize Background Color & Add Shapes
Use icons anywhere by adding background colors and shapes. Gone are the days of icons blending into their background. You can also create a unified set just by using the same colors and background shapes to tell a cohesive story and match your brand. Try it with Square, Rounded Square, Circle, or Ring.

Mix and match all of these new features to customize your icons. The possibilities are endless! Tell us how you’re customizing your icons in the comments.

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