Call for Photos: Adorable Baby Animals

Noun Project is on the hunt for photos of baby animals!

At Noun Project Photos, images of animals are one our most searched after and downloaded photo categories. We’re looking to round out our collection with photos of baby animals! Eaglets, hoglets, kits, owlets, snakelets, whelps, chicks, kittens and puppies all deserve their day in the sun. 

Noun Project is looking for images that portray baby animals living full, vibrant lives while frolicking, napping, eating, playing and simply just having fun — and looking super cute while at it! 

Photo by Gary Bendig

How to Submit

Please send jpeg files 10MP or higher for consideration via Dropbox or WeTransfer link to: with “Baby Animals” in the subject line.

Please follow the file prep instructions prior to submitting.

If your images are approved, we’ll contact you for detailed instructions for next steps.

Learn how we work with photographers here

For questions regarding this brief or the submission process, please contact us at

Photo by Kurt Cotoaga

Extra cuteness bonus…surprising names for baby animals! 

  • Aardvark: calf, cub
  • Alpaca: cria
  • Ant: antling
  • Armadillo: pup
  • Bat: pup
  • Beluga: calf
  • Coyote: pup, whelp
  • Dove: squab, chick
  • Eagle: eaglet
  • Goat: kid, billy
  • Hare: leveret
  • Hawk: eyas
  • Hog: shoat, farrow
  • Owl: owlet
  • Partridge: cheeper
  • Peafowl: peachick
  • Platypus: puggle
  • Porcupine: porcupette
  • Swan: cygnet, flapper
Photo by Vincent Van Zalinge
Photo by Christopher Carson