December 10th, 2013

Launched: The New Noun Project!


Today we are excited to announce the new Noun Project!  The platform improvements we’ve made will allow even more people to harness the world’s visual language in easier, faster and more powerful ways, while still supporting our global community of creators. 

Premium Accounts

The most important feature we’ve integrated into the platform are Premium Accounts.  Premium Accounts are designed for everyone - from individual freelancers to entire agencies - who want to use the vast and diverse library of assets on the Noun Project while never worrying about attribution. When we concepted Premium Accounts, we really had to think of the needs of both the contributor and the customer.  Contributors to the Noun Project upload their designs because they want their work to be used, which in turn increases their personal brand equity.  This value can only be created if proper attribution is given to the designer.  On the other hand, customers who download the symbols don’t want to think about attribution, they want to use the design in their work as freely as possible and move forward.  We addressed this tension in our last release by providing a licensing option to waive the attribution requirement. A customer can simply purchase a license for $1.99 that gives them the right to use an icon without crediting the designer. We share the profits with the symbol’s designer. Premium Accounts expand on this simple idea by giving you a monthly allowance of these licenses at the discounted price of $1.00.  That’s a 50% savings! We have a range of plans depending on how many licenses you or your team needs.


Within Premium Accounts we’ve also built an organizations feature which will help streamline access to the Noun Project for larger teams. Starting with the Professional plan, you can create an organization and invite team members to join. All of the activity of the team will be tracked through a single account making access, billing, and management a breeze!


Want to harness the power of the world’s visual language for your application? Now you can with our new Noun Project API. To learn more take a look here

PNG Downloads

Another way we’ve improved the platform is by adding the ability to download icons in PNG format. Adding the ability to download PNG files greatly expands the number of people who can use these powerful visual communication tools. Now symbols from the Noun Project can be used in everything from elementary school projects to executive PowerPoint presentations.

Improved Search


You will notice searching for an icon on the Noun Project just got exponentially easier! Each time you search for a concept the results will be more relevant and will be returned faster than ever before. To see the new search in action, try searching for some of these terms: animalmonster, touch, sport, Christmas.

We hope you enjoy these new improvements! Thanks again to our amazing community of creatives from around the world for all the support and inspiration you continue to give us. 


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